If you would like a custom portrait of a human or animal, email the following in formation to a photo of the subject (or multiple) your desired background color and/or pattern if you have one your timeframe (preferably no less than a week, but I will make exceptions for certain cases)
Pet Portraits
Send me your favorite picture of your pet or multiple photos of your pet and I will create a portrait for you! If you have any specific color choices or a background in mind, let me know in the email.
Pricing: 1 animal - $20 +$10 for any additional animals and/or people
Human Portraits
Same deal as the pets, just with humans!
Pricing: 1 person - $20 +$10 for any additional people
Miscellaneous Requests
If you have any other designs that you are interested in, shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do! I’ll give you a custom price based on the amount of time and detail a piece will take.
Custom hand-painted tote bags
Custom Vans
Personalized cards